P a r t n e r s

 i n   p a t i e n t   c a r e

What's the best way to make sure your patients

receive quality care with desirable outcomes?


Stay connected to 

your patients even when they aren't in 

your office.

Let us help.

What's the best way to make sure your patients receive quality care with desirable outcomes? 


We think the answer is simple - choose us as your preferred partner so you can stay connected to your patients even when they aren't in your office.


Our ability to connect with patients in the home is unparalleled.  Physicians see real-time insights about patients while patients are at-home through connected equipment, in-home clinical resources, and innovative technologies.  Virtual office visits, education and training, therapies, and much more ensures patients stay engaged with the physician's prescribed care plan even when they are at home.

Sign orders anywhere in seconds via tablet, phone, or computer, and get your patients what they need.

Top physicians are demanding this technology.

Are you?

S E E   W H Y   T O P   P H Y S I C I A N S   W A N T   T H I S

G O   A H E A D   &   S I G N   M E   U P !

PRESCRIPTIONS without paper.

  • Complete documentation electronically on a HIPAA-compliant portal, from anywhere, on your mobile device or computer.
  • Get real-time order status around the clock
  • Virtually eliminate interruptions and equipment delays with prescription documentation that’s accurate the first time.
  • Grant access to staff who can validate everything ahead of time.

  • Sign all validated documents with just one tap or click.

  • Focus on patient care, not paperwork.

  • Pay nothing—this program is free for medical providers.

I   W A N T   T O   R E G I S T E R !

Preferred Provider

Not only can we fill all your home medical equipment prescriptions for your patients, but also, we can serve as an extension of your care team for patients that need devices and monitoring in the home.  

Our products and services, including our proprietary programs and applications, drive better health outcomes for patients and noticeably reduce hospital readmission rates. 


Physicians and healthcare systems that prioritize patient care often seek a dependable and qualified Preferred Provider to ensure proper care for patients.

  • ​Proactive consults with physician regarding medical devices, proper settings, patient care plan, home usage, and more

  • Coordinate hospital discharges when patients need to return home with medical equipment 

  • Monitor in the home to ensure adherence to care plan

  • Offer telehealth tools and other engagement solutions for physician-patient interaction

  • Gather supplemental health data in the home 

  • Provide clinical insights through licensed clinicians 
  • Collaborate with treating physicians to modify treatments plans for better outcomes

It's like hiring 

additional staff

to improve

patient care. 

[Without the hiring part.]

No Hiring. Just Choosing.

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1 in 5

hospital readmission rate

More than 1 in 5 Medicare patients in the USA are discharged with a COPD diagnosis are re-hospitalized within 30 days, increasing mortality rate.



annual healthcare cost



undiagnosed sleep apnea

23.5M Americans suffer from undiagnosed OSA, leading to health complications, workplace and vehicle accidents, lost productivity, and more.



annual economic cost



new pressure ulcers annually

~2.5 million Americans develop new pressure ulcers each year.  Untimely treatment, limited mobility, infection, and other health issues can worsen wounds.



annual healthcare cost


Ready for Real Solutions yet?   

We've got them.

Your patients deserve the best plan of care - in your office, in a hospital or care facility, and at home.  We have solutions that can elevate the level of care your patients experience.  

Click below to send device prescriptions and care plans to one of our office locations.  If you'd like to speak further regarding how we can best serve you and your patients, please click below to request a phone call or meeting from one of our Professional Representatives.  

We're looking forward to partnering with you in patient care.